21 July 2013


It has been so miserably, blisteringly, meltingly hot in New York the past couple of weeks that on Friday I couldn't even muster up the energy to take Roan to the pool.  Everyone in this city is fed up and cranky, myself included. 

I had been suggesting to Roan all week that we go to the movies but I think I freaked him out when describing what a movie theatre was like.  I think he thought that rather than watching Despicable Me 2 we were, in fact, going to the main villainous characters house.  Funny when you realize how difficult it is to describe something so familiar to onesself.  

Finally on Friday he took the bait when our neighbor Claire offered to join us.  We went to a giant multiplex in downtown Brooklyn.  Roan squirmed in my lap for the first half hour but I think mostly because the movie was so damn loud.  I am not sure who decides on decibels for films but I can only imagine that they are suffering from significant hearing loss.

The movie was pants (Scottish for "it sucked")  Why why why does Hollywood insist on recycling the exact same archetypes and gender roles and story lines in every kids movie?  Seriously the structure was pretty much a g rated version of any James Bond plot.

ANYhow, Roan enjoyed it and apart from a trip out for a pee and popcorn managed to stay put the whole time.  After we took this little photo booth memento.


Roan on the biggest bouncy castle I've ever seen!  It had 2 levels and, I swear, was bigger than our apartment.

Photo Courtesy of Sam

13 July 2013


I think it's safe to say that Roan officially has his first best friend, his classmate Suraiya.  Today is Suraiya's third birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY SURAIYA!!!

I would like to think that his best friend is a girl thanks to Lula and the fact that he shared the womb with a little girl.  Perhaps he will always want to have the good influence of a female companion  around because of Lu.  However, in reality I think he found the prettiest girl in class and discovered she was every bit as rambunctious as him and that was that.  These two are partners in crime.  Let's just say that Tasneem (Suraiya's mom) and I are no longer letting them go unescorted into another room and leave it at that.

They ask after each other every day and look for each other first when going to the playground.  Last night I got a text from Tasneem that said "Suraiya just said she loves Roan.  Let's just plan the wedding now".  SO CUTE!  Although I think they are a bit more Bonnie and Clyde than Wills and Kate.

Here's Suraiya.  I know, right? 

Monkey see monkey do

Free music and hula hooping

Don't ask


Suraiya sat here and Roan kept bringing her things to eat

There's a lot of snacking with these two

First and last time they had chocolate ice cream cones before bedtime

They are pretty much always right next to each other

Even with other kids around (with Oliver and Nico)

My guitar for your bubbles?

Note the matching gold sandals

02 July 2013


This is something that all NYC playground rats must learn how to do sooner or later.  It is essential to fending of advancing troops in water balloon fights and to staying cool in general. Roan has been watching the big kids techniques for some weeks now and is perfecting his method.