04 December 2011


 Lula Neave Walker Murray passed away peacefully in her sleep December 4 at 12:55am.  She was in her mothers arms in a rocking chair overlooking the East River, surrounded by her father, Grandpa Terry and Aunt Caitlin, and listening to Ella Fitzgerald.  She was a gift that we had the pleasure of having in our lives for 18 months. She truly had a village to care for her and many of you were an integral part in helping her in her very challenging life. We are immensely grateful for all of the love and support that you all gave to her and to us.



  1. I cherish every moment I got to spend with Lula. Especially sitting on the couch at about 5pm, when she could just fall asleep in my arms. That small amount of peace was all I could do for her but it meant the world to me. I love you all.

  2. There are no words big enough to explain the impact your little Lula had on my life, on all of our lives. To say Lula will be missed is not saying enough. You gave that little fighter the absolute best life anyone could have ever imagined. From morning until night, Lula was surrounded by love. Every single second of her beautiful and special life. She is my buddy. And I am going to miss her so much. I already do. There really aren't words big enough to explain how much I love and adore that little peanut. And how much I love and adore you guys. Give Roanie a kiss for me....

  3. Oh my God this so sad, how can this happened, I am so sorry, I can not stop crying. Lula was a gift, I was thinking about her yesterday that she helped me to overcome a lot even this job I have it was through taking care of her. I was saying to myself that I have to come back to your house in December after school close to come and see her. I just could not get her out of my mind yesterday.Lula was an angel on earth, she tourches a lot of people with her little stay on earth, I love her and I will never forget her. Sam And Micaela may God give you the grace to bear this; and remember Lula had gone to a better place among the angels and she is smilling at all of us. Pls kiss and hug Roan for me. I love your family so much and I am so sorry you have to go through this, you gave her your love and the best of care anyone could ever ask for. You are a great parent.

  4. Aggie captured my thoughts so beautifully here. I just want to express my gratitude to Lula and your family for allowing me to experience the magic of her life and the wonderful love that surrounds you. There have been so many lessons in faith, friendship, hope, tenacity, strength, family... I can't even name them all. I am profoundly sad but also so thankful for having you and Lula in my life. Your friend, Sharda

  5. I did not spend the most time with Lula but from what little I did I could see how magical and amazing she was. You all are strong beyond anything that I will ever comprehend and it is to be admired—she was loved so very much every second of her life.

    She was an amazing gift as she brought out the best of some already pretty amazing people.

    God bless Little Lula the beautiful angel. My love, hugs and good energy to you all.

    <3 <3 <3 Amy

  6. Lula was an amazing little girl. She was tougher than most adults and handled all of the poking and prodding with grace and poise. She had such a powerful influence over everyone she met. She will be greatly missed. While her life was short, it was filled with so many wonderful things. BBQs and parties, trips to the beach, pumpkin picking, and farms. Halloween parades and sunshine in park. I'm so blessed to have shared some of these memories with her. I'll hold on to them forever.

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  8. Aggie, Sharda and everyone here has written how I feel. Lula brought so much love to our lives. She had a fighting spirit and a powerful one - she commanded an ever growing circle of people to surround her and your family with love and support - I'm lucky to have been part of that. Sending my love out to you and your family.

  9. Come said the Muse,
    Sing me a song no poet yet has chanted,
    Sing me the universal.

    In this broad earth of ours,
    Amid the measureless grossness and the slag,
    Enclosed and safe within its central heart,
    Nestles the seed perfection.

    By every life a share or more or less,
    None born but it is born, conceal'd or unconceal'd the seed is waiting.

    - Walt Whitman, Song of the Universal

    When I think of Lula, I will remember the deep and boundless love that surrounded her at all times. She inspired something wonderful and perfect in everyone around her. You have all showed such strength and resilience in the last year and a half, I hope you can find some comfort in knowing how much her life and your love will continue to resonate with so many of us. Love, Katie

  10. Many people go through their entire lives not having the impact Lula did. Every single person that met her felt it. What a gift. Her time here was incredibly special and profoundly life changing for us all. Thank you for bringing such a beautiful soul into all of our lives. All of my love and prayers are with you and will continue to be with you. Much love. xx

  11. We were blessed to have had Lula in our lives. I am eternally thankful to have you and Sam in my life as well. All my love to you and your beautiful family. Xo Katharine

  12. I never met Lula but felt like a knew her from everything I heard about her from Sharda and friends over the last 18 months. I was told about her charm, her patience and unbelievable courage. Even from a distance, it is clear what an impact she had on everyone. All of my love and thoughts to you and everyone who was touched by little Lula.


  13. Lula the little fighter with so much strength, your fight is over now, rest easy in peace. You will not be forgotten.

    Sam, Micaela, Roan, we love you. We are so sorry for your loss. We're here for you.


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  15. It is hard to put into words how knowing Lula for few months shy of a year has genuinely affected my life. I know I am just the babysitter but I can confidently say that I have grown to love Lula. It is obvious that with as much as everyone put in to caring and loving her she has actually given and taught us all so much more. I have never met a person to impact me the way that beautiful girl has.
    I miss her terribly but know at least that she is in a restful place now with all the organic sugar free fruity lollipops and dried papaya and girl could ask for :)
    My thoughts are with you all, you are genuinely one of the most amazing families I have had the pleasure of knowing.
    lovelovelove, Sacha

  16. I cannot even begin to imagine the heartbreak you are feeling right now. I can barely put into words my own feelings. Being so far away from you all during Lula's life, I only had the honor of meeting her a handful of times. But even across that distance, Lula touched and inspired me to my depths. Sometimes even with the simplest of gestures, like settling into my arms, finally, after an hour of squirming when we first met. I remember wondering at the time why I found that moment so profound, so unsettling. I think now that I was taking it not only as a sign of Lula's generous acceptance (despite the fact that she probably wasn't entirely comfortable in my arms), but also as a sign of her commitment to being in the world. That's how I'll remember her always. Her absence is a gaping void in our lives. She was one of the most beloved girls I've ever known. And you guys are the most incredible parents and amazing friends that anyone could hope for. I love you both so much.

  17. So sad for your loss. Thank you for sharing Lula's life with us.

  18. Micaela, I had just finished rereading your blog from beginning to end a little after midnight last night, and my heart was teeming with love and awe for Lula, you and Sam - the most inspiring parents this planet has seen, your Mom, Aggie, Cecilia, and your whole army of "Lula-lovers". Those feelings were repeated, tearing new holes as my heart expanded even more, as I showed your blog to my dad this afternoon, and we went through each picture, video and entry from the most devoted of moms. My dad remarked over and over "Oh, how beautiful!" as he gazed at her pictures, and said her eyes were just like yours. My heart is with you all. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for giving us the privilege to know Lula and, Thank you, Lula, for opening all of our hearts and inspiring us with your strength. Lula, my darling, your magic will magnify and multiply with every celebration of your life. All my love, Suzan

  19. Dear Lula, sorry not to have met you during your brief stay here. You gave it your best, as did those around you.

    Love to you and your brave and beautiful family.


  20. I'm deeply saddened to hear of Lula's passing, and send my love to the family and friends who devoted themselves to her brief but celebrated life and in whose memory that life will continue to shine upon all of us.


  21. Lula was truly a beautiful flower.
    The last time I saw her, Micaela and Sam tried putting her in the womb-like bathing bucket Micaela had just bought. The hope was that it would cradle her and make bathtime more comfortable.
    They put her inside and she made a big sigh. It seemed like she was saying, thank goodness, I can finally rest in here!
    I keep thinking now she is really resting, surrounded by more love than many people get to know in a lifetime.
    The Walker Murray family is amazing and we love you!

  22. I cried as if she were my own...because in a way she was OUR own. This "village" assumed we were here to enhance Lula's life, but the reality is Lula has done so for us. Micaela and Sam, I have been inspired by the brief time I've spent with your beautiful angel. I will sorely miss those big beautiful eyes that I had the honor of gazing into for our time together. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.

  23. These past few days my heart has been so heavy and sad thinking of sweet Lula. I was so excited to see her and hold her this weekend. I felt a certain comfort when I held her. I don't know quite how to explain it with words, but I think others will know what I'm talking about. She was special in so many ways, and the world has lost a bit of its sparkle without her in it. Sam and Micaela, I have thought of you soooo many times over the past 18 months, always with awe and admiration. Your love for family and friends is like no other. I feel so fortunate to have you in my life. Thank you for bringing Lula into this world and sharing her with all of us. She will be missed but never forgotten. Lots of love, corrie

  24. This little girl had a special quality that grabs your attention, and you can't help but love her. She is the cousin we have never met, but through her utter innocence and difficult trials she has touched the deepest part of our hearts. She is a universal ambassador for, and embodiment of love. For Jesus knew her before she entered into her mother's womb, and spoke with her about His plan for her. In just a short time, she taught us lessons about the incredible value of life, about patience, persistence, and unconditional love. Her legacy is to re-align those around her into a deeper understanding of the priorities of life. As one too young to make the choice for herself, she is automatically written into the Book of Life, and is living in true freedom and joy this moment! One day I will meet her and get to know her.

    Mom, Dad, and Family - our prayers continue as we grieve with you. We love you and will see you again soon.

    Dane, Patricia, Penny, & Bob.

  25. Michaela, my heart goes out to you. I wasn't lucky enough to have met Lula, but the blog almost makes me feel as if I had. What a labor of love you created for your darling girl, in so many ways. There is nothing nobler, or better , or more real than that.
    Much love,
    --Ali Demos

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  27. I don't know what to write, but must write something. I felt overwhelmed with sadness upon hearing about Lula's passing. I never had the privilege to meet her but from all the pictures and stories I have heard can tell that she was a beautiful and amazing baby and the world has suffered a great loss. I really can't imagine how devastated those who knew and loved her must feel. My heart goes out to you and hope that you find the strength to carry on and honor her memory with continuing to find love and joy in the world.
    love, Minona

  28. Reading these memories of Lula and looking at the beautiful photos, I know that everyone who met her felt exactly the same: they were in the presence of beauty, they were in the presence of love. I met her only twice, but I, too, feel the enormous impact of her lovely spirit. And, of course, the amazing grace of her parents that they shared this special child with so many of us through their words, their actions and this blog. Thank you Micaela and Sam and Roan for sharing your love with so many people. I am so sorry for your loss, and so grateful that you had Lula, that she had you and that we all were allowed to share in this circle of love.

  29. My friend tried to post this but couldn't. She asked me to post this for her...

    You don't know me, but I am a friend of a friend. Corrie told me the sad, sad news about Lula yesterday and my heart is breaking for you and your family. Know that her life impacted so many more people than you will ever realize. You will continue to be in my thoughts as you learn to navigate this life without your precious Lula.
    Much Love,
    Melissa Smith
    Lawrence, KS

  30. Micaela, Sam, Roan,

    We only had a few brief interactions with Lula and with your family, but your struggles and joys resonated with us, as fellow Brooklyn parents and neighbors, in more ways than can be adequately expressed. Lula was so clearly a gift. She inspired such wonder and, despite all that she was not able to do, radiated such complete and pure love-- obviously a reflection of everything she had been absorbing her whole life.

    Your family was and is an awe-inspiring force behind a buzzing hive of selfless, loving care. We are so sad about Lula's passing on, but we also know that from the core of her little life will ripple into eternity all of the love and goodness she inspired while she was with you and the rest of us.

    Sending love from down the street, and looking forward to seeing you soon,
    Whitney, Bryant and Abby