29 May 2014


Often one of the irksome things about buying a print, no matter how much you love it, is that your job has only just begun.  I myself have a huge box of prints- beloved artworks, photographs, and illustrations - that remain squirreled away until I can get it together and have them archivally mounted and framed.  It has been years that I have been swearing to get to work on this.

But you, good people, are in luck!  Fiercely Curious has a couple of my prints remaining from their Pop Up Show that are hand framed and ready to go straight on the wall. They will even send you a nail if need be.


The Light Writing project I did with Extreme Kids has been profiled for The Week.

27 May 2014


Sunday was a glorious day in New York; perfect temperature, light breeze, late enough in the year that the sun doesn't set until 8:00pm, but early enough that there are no mosquitoes.  We get about a week like this around Memorial Day, and again around mid September.  The rest of the year is anyone's guess.

We decamped to Prospect Park with a bunch of friends and about 50,000 other Brooklynites.  To just sit on a blanket and do very little - what a luxury! 

Gorgeous, gorgeous day
We picked our turf
It takes a village!

A wedding took place outside of the Picnic House.  Surrounded by BBQs and ogling strangers, it was actually really lovely.  In true Brooklyn style the bride wore a pink rose covered dress and a beehive hairdo.  The guests wore pink yarmulkes and- perhaps in a nod to same sex marriage? - the groomsmen wore a rainbow of yarmulkes.  The whole park cheered when the bride and groom kissed.

Anyhow,  back to us...

Bo and Max (Max, saving it for later)
Morgan devoured grapes
Everyone was so happy!
And maybe a bit hungry
As usual, Dave provided the tunes
Damien and Benjamin tried to teach everyone to play baseball but Roan and Charlie kept forgetting to run to the bases after hitting the ball

Then there was this puddle.  It was, we thought, a safe distance from us, but apparently it was a perilously close temptation for the boys.  We tried to keep their attention elsewhere but they were powerless to the lure of the mud.  Things got messy real quick.

Roan and Charlie

Charlie absolutely relished in the dirtiness
Charles, not so much
He got into the swing of it quickly enough, though
They were all so in their element

Charlie went full on Lord of the flies

Roan was a little less sure of the muddiness

Journey back to the car, pantsless

13 May 2014


Why have I all but abandoned posting to this blog, you ask?  Here's why.  Please join us! You can donate at the door.

05 May 2014


We happened upon this scene yesterday in Greenpoint and Roan jumped right in.  Yes,  I'm a little obsessed with the slo-mo option on my phone.

02 May 2014


Extreme Kids, which serves disabled kids and their families through sensory play spaces,  art and music programs, and resources to support their growth and acceptance in the greater world, is having their 2nd Annual MAY SOIRÉE!!  

This is our biggest fundraiser of the year.  Our goal is to raise funds to give 25 kids the Extreme Kids experience in one of our amazing programs.  At $1000 per kid that's $25,000 and we are half way there!  ALL of the money we raise from this fundraiser will go directly to programming so the more we raise the more kids can attend.

We want everyone to donate as much as they can manage, but since every contribution counts EVERYONE who donates will be invited to our May Soiree!

I am co-chair of the gala committee and let me just say - you will want to be there. We have been busting our butts to make this FUN.

There will be fire.  There will be food on a stick.  There may even be recitations from inside a straight jacket! Rosanne Cash will be there!  Miss Ida Blue will be performing!  And if all of this isn't enough to entice you I have two more words that may put you over the edge: Juggling Unicyclist.

Even if you can't make it to the soirée please consider making a donation nonetheless!  
It does your karma good!