13 July 2015


The First Annual Disability Pride Parade took place in NYC on Saturday. It was hot as blazes but scores of people of every degree of ability walked and rolled in support of better access, greater resources, and louder voices.

I like to think that "Pride" stands not only for a refusal to be ashamed or silent about disability, but as with a pride of lions, a family of people of all ages and strengths looking out for each other.  And as there isn't a single one of us that will escape needing to be cared for at some point in our lives, it behooves us all to protect our pride when we are best able to do so.

Extreme Kids was out in full effect, wisely outfitted with colorful parasols. 

Hilt Projects contributed cut-out signage.  Thanks Sam!

Extreme Kids founder Eliza and Director Caitlin

Felix came all the way down from New Hampshire to participate

Maeve and her dad waiting for the parade to get going

The parasols were key to keeping cool

Spray bottles helped too

Ready to roll

The parade was in honor of the 25th Anniversary if the Americans with Disabilities Act

The homemade signs were bold...

...And seriously on point

It was a pretty inspiring scene

These two were in training as service dogs

Love the ears!

So many different groups were represented

Voices were heard in so many different ways

Many different languages were spoken

SAG-AFTRA (the actors unions) represented (shout out to my dad!)

The heat necessitated some breaks

And then on we marched

The march ended in Union Square

Eliza, Felix, Happy

Eliza and her muse

I wish I knew this little girls name!!

Extreme Kids and CREW!

12 June 2015


NB: Staying true to youngest children everywhere, I have been totally lax in my attempts to document anything with this one. Thus this posting over a month past due.

ARRIVING AT 4:55pm Thursday May 7th, 2015
WEIGHING 7lb 4oz and 20 inches long

Our wee man the latter


Eamon rhymes with Damon (as in Matt)

Eamon is an Irish Gaelic name meaning Wealthy (!) Protector

A variant of Eamon is Eames, a nod to Charles and Ray the legendary and revolutionary husband and wife design team.

Sinclair is a name that we closely associate with the North Coast of Scotland. A lifelong fisherman named Sinclair lived near Skerray Harbour and fished and set lobster pots out around the islands of Roan and Neave. Sam has fond memories of harvesting peat with him as a child.  He passed away this year.

Historically, the surname Sinclair comes from the Clan Sinclair whose progenitors conquered England with William the Conqueror then moved to Scotland and were given the land of Roslin by the King of Scots (Wikipedia). After we named him we found out from Sam's mum that she has a very distinguished line of Sinclairs in her lineage too.

It is also a variant of the middle name of one of Micaela’s oldest and dearest friends, Cecelia St. Clair Walker Rembert (as kids they imagined that the shared name Walker meant that they were definitely relatives)

We are overwhelmed with love and joy and the incredible good luck and good fortune we have with our healthy baby boy.


P.S. It should be noted that Roan was not entirely on board with the new name and thus will continue to call Eamon by a name of his own creation: Sparkle Heart Rainbow Baby-Bomb.

18 May 2015


You still have time to donate before the Extreme Kids and Crew Wonderland Gala

THIS WEDNESDAY MAY 20th 8-11pm at the stunning 501 Union


Even if you can't attend please donate what you can to help us put a ballpit in every borough!

And bid NOW and at the Gala on our incredible auction items!


There will be amazing food by Roquette!

Drinks from our generous sponsors!

The hilarious Maysoon Zayid talking with the also hilarious Katharine Heller, creator of the hit live show and podcast Tell the Bartender

Raffles galore!

More drinks! 

Music by the Luna Sisters!


27 April 2015


My birth plan can be summed up in the immortal words of Mike Tyson (whom I never EVER thought I would be quoting):

"Everybody's got a plan until they get punched in the face"
- Mike Tyson

I'm due in the next few weeks with a good sized and consistently kicking baby boy.  It's all very strange; I thought since I have done this before it would seem less abstract this time but it's still a nebulous thing to prepare for.  Especially given the fact that nothing could have prepared me for reality last time. 

One thing that the birth of the twins has allowed me forgo this time is having the ultimate "Birth Plan".  I have some stuff I would prefer and not prefer.  Literally nothing went as hoped for last time and I still had a great birth experience. My midwives and I had talked so much and they were in my corner every step of the way for the nearly 6 days I was in the hospital.  Even the emergency OB doctors, the Fiasconaro brothers from Bay Ridge, whom I probably would have never ever chosen, turned out to be fantastic.  In the end I had one very healthy and one very sick baby, which none of us could control, no matter how the birth went.

I know everyone needs to prepare for birth in their own way but I can't help but feel a little impatient with people who fret about the lighting, the music, keeping the umbilical chord attached for 12 hours, the goo that goes on the babies eyes or not, etc.   If it happens great, but if not this is not your Sweet Sixteen. Just focus on the bigger picture!  Baby healthy?  You healthy? It's a home run!

Btw, this birth plan parody made me laugh out loud:

If nothing goes as you've planned it but you can still find incredible joy in the unexpected experience and let go of the imperfections I figure it's a perfect initiation into being a parent anyway.

31 March 2015


I'm spring cleaning, doing the grand shuffle of trying to re-pack every nook and cranny of space in our apartment with the stuff we have no room for.  I do this at least twice a year. It's like trying to play Jenga in your refrigerator the day before Thanksgiving. 

In any case I found this letter from my mom.  She wrote out the directions from Brooklyn to the UP (Northern Michigan, where she grew up) one year when Sam and I drove up there and rented a cabin there in the winter. 

It's so entertaining and SO her.  She has always written me these great notes, always with acerbic wit and perfect grammar.  Yes, I'm Peach, don't laugh.

21 March 2015


Not me, per se, but some of my photos.

Small, framed, gorgeous, and ready to go to your favorite aesthete,  these images (along with some others which have already sold) were last on exhibit at the Fiercely Curious Pop up Show in Gowanus, Brooklyn.


04 March 2015


Due to impending snow, Fiercely Curious LAST DAY and Boozy Bazaar is now on FRIDAY MARCH 6 from 7pm-Midnight! 

In addition to the 1 Year Anniversary Show, artists will be holding a bazaar of their other work, including pieces at huge discounts, because what artist has storage space in Brooklyn?! This is your chance to score some incredible work.