18 June 2014


I have a new set of images on Fiercely Curious, inspired but the fact that summer is finally here after a grueling winter.

Fiercely Curious - Waiting for the Sun

Here's a preview:

Cecelia, Lake Raponda, VT


True to form,  Sam worked on Father Day.  We were in Vermont for all of last week, including Roan and Lula's birthday (currently editing 1200 photos I took there - Thank God for digital), so he had to play catch up on Sunday.

Yes, it rained a bit. And I have to say I was surprised at how much kvetching came from the menfolk about this eventuality (we've been very lucky with the weather in past years).  Photos and details forthcoming.

Moving on,  I posted this photo on Facebook on Father's Day and am now taking bets (figuratively, not monetarily) as to whom you all think the photo is of, Sam or Roan.  Put your answers in the comments!

05 June 2014


The extraordinarily talented filmmaker Zachary Raines made a short all about Extreme Kids and Crew. It's super fun and I think captures perfectly why having a place to have fun is so vital to everyone. Enjoy!

03 June 2014


I would put Roan's social calendar up against that of any Upper East Side socialite's. To wit: Roan had back-to-back birthday parties on Sunday.

First we had Nico's at Underwood Park complete with homemade capes.

Caped creatures

Are you happy and you know it?  Good!  Stomp your feet goddammit!

Ahhhh Summer!

Coop School kids and parents

It was super fun and the cupcakes were first-rate, btw. Because Brooklyn.

On to Marlo's birthday party which was in a yoga studio (also:Brooklyn).  Clearly there was a continuing theme between the 2 parties, aesthetically. 

James Lucy and Anna

This is Anna,  one of Roan's partners in crime at school.  She is pretty rad.

Don't you wish you could find a moment of pure joy like this in your day?

Unfortunately, Anna got a little carried away and briefly lost her hand into a complete tangle of ribbons!

There was a piñata. I think my mom gave me a birthday card once that read "Piñata: a device used to teach children the value of violence". They are sort of a funny concept. But it's great to watch 4 year old get all of their aggression out on a fancy cardboard box.

Birthday girl Marlo has a go

I have no idea why Roan is screaming in this photo!  I think he might have been psyching himself up like a Samauri

He was very intense about it

Eventually, the payoff

We walked home with Eitan, Clay and Nomi - a ballooned scooter gang.


Roan and Eitan

Sunsetting balloons