06 May 2013


Roan has had his very first class pictures.  I, of all people, am especially sympathetic to the plight of any brave photographer who endeavours to photograph toddlers.  It is impossible.  I am really quite happy with Roan's portraits and grateful he isn't posed like a taxidermied air hostess in front of a hideous marbled backdrop. Photos by Stomping Ground Photo

I am a little disappointed with the group photo since he is hidden, but what can you do?  It's a good thing he has so much hair or you would hardly see him at all. Also, his friend Suyaiya didn't make it to the session, which is a bummer.  Roan's friend Cole, however, is the rock star in the blue shades.  Nice one, Cole.

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  1. I can't.... I just can't handle the cuteness!