14 July 2014


I am forgoing the Image a Day today since I have a whole mess of cuteness that I couldn't edit down from Lake Raponda 2014.  

Gracie Whipple

A bit chilly on the lake

Nude snacking on the dock

Nude surfing

Adams Family Farm

Snacks for the animals


That is one big f-ing pig

Make a wiah

Cards Against Humanity

Evening fire

More snacking

Yoga lessons

Bo tries candle pin bowling

Bday sparklers from Jason (photo courtesy of Sam)

New sport: Water smacking

Drawing time with Charlie Tim and Roan


Afternoon break

Max strikes a pose

Bo ready for the game

Jason and Bo

Synchronized peeing

Charlie with ice cream

Ice Cream!!

Ice cream makes Roan quite happy

Even these dogs got ice cream

Max ready for a swim
Bo too

Stealth attack

No pants required


Jason and Tony

The coolest play area ever

Retreat Farm

Hatching chick

Retreat Farm in miniature


Lucky pigs

Everyone seemed quite content at this farm

I can't even describe how big this bull was


ShelbyLoo's Ponies

Roan gets ready to ride

Stopped for strawberries on the way home

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