12 June 2015


NB: Staying true to youngest children everywhere, I have been totally lax in my attempts to document anything with this one. Thus this posting over a month past due.

ARRIVING AT 4:55pm Thursday May 7th, 2015
WEIGHING 7lb 4oz and 20 inches long

Our wee man the latter


Eamon rhymes with Damon (as in Matt)

Eamon is an Irish Gaelic name meaning Wealthy (!) Protector

A variant of Eamon is Eames, a nod to Charles and Ray the legendary and revolutionary husband and wife design team.

Sinclair is a name that we closely associate with the North Coast of Scotland. A lifelong fisherman named Sinclair lived near Skerray Harbour and fished and set lobster pots out around the islands of Roan and Neave. Sam has fond memories of harvesting peat with him as a child.  He passed away this year.

Historically, the surname Sinclair comes from the Clan Sinclair whose progenitors conquered England with William the Conqueror then moved to Scotland and were given the land of Roslin by the King of Scots (Wikipedia). After we named him we found out from Sam's mum that she has a very distinguished line of Sinclairs in her lineage too.

It is also a variant of the middle name of one of Micaela’s oldest and dearest friends, Cecelia St. Clair Walker Rembert (as kids they imagined that the shared name Walker meant that they were definitely relatives)

We are overwhelmed with love and joy and the incredible good luck and good fortune we have with our healthy baby boy.


P.S. It should be noted that Roan was not entirely on board with the new name and thus will continue to call Eamon by a name of his own creation: Sparkle Heart Rainbow Baby-Bomb.

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