28 August 2015


Roan had such a stellar year in PreK at PS20 that I am still somewhat sad that we won't be returning.  However, we got to keep all of the portraits he did throughout the year.  It's astonishing to see how far he progressed in one year  (with an absolutely amazing teacher and assistant teacher), especially as a kid who doesn't like to sit for more than 3 minutes.

This has to be one of the most exciting and fascinating things about having a kid; watching them learn and discover things reminds you what an act of magic creativity is.

He started the year just scribbling

Slowly features started to emerge. Maybe this is Roan as a spider?

He looks a little beleaguered here.

Here he looks fairly frantic but there is definitely a more solid face with features

This might be my favorite

This is exactly how I feel in January

I feel like he is really short changing himself in the hair department

Reminds me of the Grinch for some reason?

Look at the difference! I'm definitely getting a Spongebob vibe from this one.

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