21 August 2015


This piece is great. It's written by a woman who lost her husband and it led me to two thoughts:

1. Like anything you have to merely maintain rather than create from scratch (think: toned abs, pie crust, a three piece suit) you don't give much thought to what went in to creating your happiness. Then something catastrophic happens and you are catapulted back to before you were born, when people who loved you were already hard at work creating for you a world of joy even though you were a teeny amoeba-like thing that no one could see.  You have to find a way back to a happiness that had been constructed over decades by a chorus of loved ones through safety and structure and planning.  If you can do that you kind of feel like a superhero, like you've taught yourself how to breathe under water.

2. When something really shitty happens to you it gives you license to entertain your darkest deepest sense of humor.  It's the only thing that really keeps you from becoming totally cynical about the truth.

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