11 August 2015


This weekend we went climbing with our incredibly outdoorsy and intrepid friends Forest and Jordan, Lucy and Michael and their kids Georgia and Annie. We've been trying to make this happen for a while and finally all of the varying trade winds aligned with a gorgeous day upstate.

Forest and Jordan had already set up everything upon for arrival (this is the way they operate - for their wedding in Alaska they basically acted as wilderness guides for their friends for a week) - the ropes, the harnesses etc.  Roan went first and didn't last too terribly long but did pretty well for a first timer.  Climbing requires stillness and motor planning, which are not Roan's strongest attributes.  Eventually he figured out that his favorite part was swinging from the safety rope.

Sam did really well until he had to go back down and then had a bit of a moment, but he worked through it.  I, on the other hand, made it about 3 feet up the wall and kind of froze.  I think you have to really want to make it to the top to push through any fear and I realized very quickly that my fear of heights is vastly more potent than any competitive need to persevere.  So I retired myself for the day and took pictures instead.


Roan on the rocks

When he was nervous he asked Lucy if he could hold her hand

Eamon in the grass

One with nature

Everyone at the wall

Sam taking a break

Georgia and Roan build a fort


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